Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Why I use The Advert Platform to advertise

This post explains why I use The Advert Platform, which you can find on the resources page by

Clicking Here

Direct / Online Marketing is all about getting good quality traffic to your website

The Advert Platform supplies good quality traffic, which gives above average Click Through Rates (CTRs)

The video below, shows this is more detail

With traffic generation, it is all about making your traffic generation as profitable as possible

The Advert Platofrm achieves this for the end user, because it pays the advertisers who use the platform 100% profit share ( yes thats right, 100% profit share) in return for them completing just 12 tasks daily

Social Media...

One of thoie task involves sharing other advertisers websites onto their facebook and twitter networks, so you are getting extra free leverage by getting seen on networks where you might not ordinarinly have access to, so with facebook for example, although they have 1 billion active users, your links are going to be seen by other peoples connections who you have not yet met

Thats very very powerful

So in short,that is why I use The Advert Platform

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