Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Proof of MOBE Comissions being paid

This post is about MOBE paying the commissions due from the sales made of their marketing system

The video below explains more

It is rare, especially in this day and age, for anyone, especially the so called top name Internet Marketing gurus to evidence what they earn, from their marketing ventures

Sure you may see screenshots of peoples clickbank accounts, via mailings or if you are one of the marketers who wish to surf traffic exchanges, but beware, such screenshots are almost certainly fake and even if you were earning money from clickbank sales, which is entirely possible, they will be smaller in size than those screenshots relate to and perhaps more importantly than that... Not Verified

Documenting the Journey

Which is one of the reasons this blog was set up, because, for you as a reader, you may well be looking for that 'golden something' online, yet because there is so much garbage out there, promoted so skilfully by excellent copywriting, it is difficult to know whats genuine and what is not... You'll be able to relate to that, so this blog is documenting the journey

So, that said, back to MOBE and proof of commissions paid in the above video

That notification was received in my gmail account on Saturday, swiftly followed by another which stated that due to an initiated recurring bank transfer set up, the money had gone from my MOBE eWallet to my bank.

1st and 15th...

At time of writing this blog post, the commissions have hit my bank today, so naturally thats pleasing enough

That commission by the way, was for 1 sale... Thats right, 1 sale

You see MOBE pays out twice a month to its consultants, those dates being on the 1st and 15th of the Month and you have the option of having the money paid to your bank card, or bank account. Most people prefer to have the money paid into their bank.

It doesn't work!

Being part of MOBE makes your internet or online marketing if you prefer to call it that, far more enjoyable, because it teaches you to do it the right way, paying you much higher rewards, which if you are currently marketing online, promoting low ticket affiliate offers, you may well be frustrated, because they won't be paying out on the back end.

All those types of offers will do is cause you to quit online marketing, because as you will find yourself saying "It doesn't work"

MOBE  however... Proves it does for those that follow it

Hope this post has been of benefit and inspiration to you, this was achieved through a combination of traffic generation, networking and sharing this blog with every other business owner I know

If you would like to experience the same I am more than happy to show you how

All you need to do is click on the 21 step banner to the right of this post

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