Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How to get leads for MOBE

The video below, shows you how to get leads for MOBE

In it, you'll disocver

Which marketing system is used to promote MOBE

Why that system is used

Which landing pages, work best

Why sometimes, tried and trusted is still works best

To find out how MOBE can help your business why not click on the free video tab at the top and discover the steps that can take your business to the next level, in ...half the time

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why Direct Marketing works for MOBE

The video below shows how powerful a marketing tool Direct Response / Email marketing can be when promoting MOBE links

This strategy was followed, after following the 21  Steps Business course, which you can get access to by clicking on the free video tab at the top of this blog

In the video, you'll discover

Which page/s worked best in the campaign

The % of increase from using this type of marketing

The click through rate &...

a whole lot more besides

Friday, 25 August 2017

Proof of MOBE signups using the WorldProfit Marketing system

In the video below, you will see proof of signups being added to my MOBE list

Enjoy the video

This marketing strategy is one that is very powerful, simply because it reaches the target audience, very quickly, on a global scale, using very high converting capture pages

Mobe, which stands for My Own Business Education, is a very, very powerful turnkey High Ticket Affiliate Marketing consultancy programme, which you can find out more about by clicking on the free video tab at the top of this blog

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Building a strong business foundation

This post is all about the importance of building a good strong foundation for your business

So what is meant by building a strong foundation?

It is about building a list, in fact not just A list, you can do  that quite happily through the various social networks you are a member of!, it is more about building

Your list and getting your own mindset right, with this combination you simply can't go wrong and will build a strong foundation for your own business

Getting the mindset right?

It might seem a really silly thing to say, but your mindset determines your level of success : )

For example for a lot of people starting with affiliate marketing, they assume that success and income are going to come with either little or very little work, simply because they have 'affiliated' with company X

You really need to be approaching your new venture, with the attitude that  it is 'your business' and its success stands or falls by the decisions made by you and not just with you thinking 'I'll see what happens'

That in itself is tantamount to failure and big time!

Too often you will hear people say, I've not made any money online and on delving a little further into their 'story' it soon becomes clear that which ever venture they have affiliated with, their mindset was not right from the outset

How can you rectify that

This is the easy bit, you can put that right, by 'investing' in yourself and there really is no finer course, than the one found at the top of this blog under the tab

"How to build a strong foundation"

Once you have the 'right mindset' then you can virtually determine your success level and paycheque

Why I chose WorldProfit to promote MOBE

This post explains why I chose the Worldprofit system to promote MOBE

Having followed the 21 step system, it was very clear and apparent to me, that to succeed with MOBE you need to drive plenty of good quality targeted traffic to the sites the company provide you with.

That traffic also needs to be affordable and to provide you with a profit, if not from every customer, then the vast majority of them. The vast majority would be those that decided to take the upsells from the company, through the use of the sales team

Build a list

The other thing that was also clear, was that its crucial to build your own list, this isn't a surprise to me, but its crucial to do thzt. Building your own list requires high converting lead capture pages, which put leads onto your database.

So on looking at several lead systems, which included  worldprofit, pureleverage, myleadsystempro,  your eight steps, click funnels and optimisepress to name but a few of them and evaluating each, it was very obvious that there was only ever going to be one winner

That winner was Worldprofit. The reason for that is this. Like MOBE, WP is a turnkey marketing system, which as defined by the 21 steps system, to be a true business, it needs to operate independently of you, once its set up.

Put another way, it should allow you to work ON your business, not IN your business

Worldprofit passed that test

The system needed to have quality traffic sources, which provide access to a wide range of advertising sources, all of which had to be my customer avatar, or in english, my ideal customer

Worldprofit passed that test

It had to have both bigh converting pre buit, as well as the ability to make custom buikt capture pages, again it passed the test

It also had to have traffic packages that, as defined by the 21 steps economics of traffic, would be profitable either through cuztomers buying them, but who were not interested in MOBE for their own reasons, or who did buy and became a customer of MOBE

Again, Worldprofit passed the test with flying xolours and from the marketing,tracking and optins i have seen, has proved to be a vood business decision, as it allows me to work ON my business, not iN my business.

It gives me time freedom

Worldprofit also pays out generous commissions, to the dealers, as consultants are called on the same day as MOBE and like MOBE is one of the few marketing systems I have seen or used which pays out sales on the back end, not just upfront as so many do

Now if your reading this post and it resonates with you for different reasons as I'm sure it will and you want to find out more about how it can benefit your EXISTING business, then go to the tab at the top called FREE video and claim yours

Alternatively, you might prefer to attend an event in a town near you,where you can get your questions answered, that being the case simply click on the IMF tab and choose  location neR to you.

Bu that is why I chose Worldprofit to promote MOBE

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

5 Elements that make a successful online business

There are 5 Elements that make up a successful online business

They are

1) Traffic

2) A funnel

3) A filter

4) A follow up system in place

5) A tiered product mix.

This is why traditional affiliate marketing is flawed, becuase most models lack these 5 Elements, which is why, with most Affiliate marketing / MLM companies, to achieve the 4, 5 and 6 figure incomes per month, then you really do need to be prepared to look for the 7 to 10 year mark for this to happen.

That makes this traditional affiliate marketing model flawed, because they rarely pay on the back end or have high ticket items.

In short, High Ticket Affiliate Marketing ventures produce more profit for less sales.

Without the back end sales, affiliates are always going to be looking for the next shiny object in their inbox, because as with JOBS and employees, people always move for better pay. In affiliate marketing terms, that pay is commissions they earn

Churn as leaving is called always comes about when people fully understand the pay plan and realise that the system they are duly told to follow and not embelish, is...flawed.

Which is why High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is the sector to be associated with

You do need a list, but it only needs to be a list of motivated buyers

You need the right type of traffic to that list

The system you use needs to work independently of and from you

Pays high back end commissions right through the product mix

Anything else is just not going to work.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Over $86,000,000, 86, Million dollars paid out!

Now that is a figure well worth writing a post about!

Yes MOBE, which stands for My Own Business Education has paid out over $86 Million dollars in commissions.

This figure has been achieved in just under 6 short years... That is phoenominal by anyones standards and... those commissions have been paid out to people, who are just like you and I

To give you an example of the types of individual commissions, but not naming any names

One guy, based in the UK has earned just under $4, 400,000

A married couple from the US, have earned $1,164,913 In Commissions

A blogger from the US has earned just under $3,000,000 and finally a stay at home mum has earned just over $1,000.000 dollars in commissions

There are plenty more by the way, the ones highlighted are just a select few that follow a very simple 21 step system that you can find out more about by 

Clicking Here

There is nothing different between you and any of them

They all shared one thing in common, a hunger and desire to succeed, because all of them at some stage had been associated with some form of internet affiliate marketing or MLM and were frustrated by the results they were seeing, so decided to 

Try something... Different

That some thing different was the 21 step system, that you can try by clicking the link below

Click this Link

Then click on the free video banner you see

But it brings me back to the title of the post

Over $86.000,000 paid out in commissions

Will you be the next success story?

Click and find out more