Blogger Tutorials

This page has video tutorials about blogger. They are designed to walk you through the process of setting it up and then using it.

It should be noted at this point, that prior to using blogger, I was a huge huge fan of
and had a self hosted blog on that platform, which was very well protected and I thought, hack proof

However at the time of writing this post, the blog got hacked into and despite being backed up, is unretrieveable, despite the best efforts of my hosting company


So that left me looking for an alternative interim home for a blog and for restrictive reasons, is not a viable alternative, which left me looking at Blogger and setting this blog up

It has to be said, that having used it for a while now and as you will see, its looking pretty cool ( well at least I think so!!)... It has gone from being an alternative interim replacement, to an absolutely no brainer first & recommened choice of blogging platform


The simple answer as to why is this. Having had a look round the functions it has, it does everything that can do and more besides.

The two most crucial elements for me, as I am sure they will be for you as a fellow blogger. are these

Hosting is free 

Security is brilliant, which means that your blog can't be hacked into, its permanently there and up and everything is done with the click of a mouse, so there are no plugins to use, unlike wordpress and having suffered myself with a poorly written plugin causing my blog to go down first time, it is a relief to not have to worry about those now.

So with that (brief) explanation as to why I use blogger, it was felt right and proper that a page for blogger tutorials was included, to help others use this very easy platform. There are tutorials available on youtube, but the ones on this page, are based on my experience of building this blog and so will save you time in trawling through the youtube ones... Either way, enjoy them.

Video 1 ~ How to create your own Blogger Blog 

Video 2 ~ How to add a new page to your Blogger

Video 3 ~ How to add a new post to your Blogger

Video 4 ~ How to add a Banner to your Blogger Sidebar

Video 5 ~ How to add Google Analytics to your blogger

Video 6 ~ How to change your Blogger Theme

Video 7 ~ How to check your Blogger Stats

Video 8 ~ How to add an autoresponder newsletter widget to your blog

The video below, explains how to add an autoresponder widget to your blogger

Video 9 ~ How to add HTML code to your page in the compose Mode

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