Wednesday, 24 May 2017

3 Key Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The video below, explains 3 Key Traits that successful Entreprenuers possess

Click the link below to watch it, it makes interesting viewing

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Why you need a facebook Fanpage

This post focuses on why you need a facebook fanpage, and will make absolute sense to you, if you are following the MOBE 21 step system, which is on the Resources page

Success with the 21 step system, means that you absolutely need to target your niche market

There are several places on the resources page of this blog, that you can target your niche market, but perhaps the most crucial player in the market place, without doubt is ... Yes,facebook

However it is not the social network side of facebook, you need here, it is the business side of facebook and you can only use the business side of facebook, through the use of a fanpage.Creating a fanpage is very easy, once you are logged into your account, on the home page, as seen in the image below

You select create a page

That takes you to the following page, where you can then create your own fanpage

The process waks you through setting up your fanpage and equally branding you and building your brand.

So that is why you need a Facebook fanpage.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Why you need an Autoresponder

This post focuses on exactly why you need an autoresponder : )

In case you don't know what an autoresponder is and, there are many online marketers who don't, let me explain what it is, how it works and why you need one

An autoresponder is exactly that, softaware, which responds automatically to your subscribers when they optin to your offer

Time Saving

Your autoresponder, should be your best friend online, because it can do many things for you

Primarily, it will do more presentations of your business opportunity in a day automatically and worldwide than you will ever manage.

It handles the rejections for you

Its does the selling and converting for you, or at least it does, when the messages going to your prospects are sooo good, that your prospect is wanting what you offer, before they have finished reading your offer

It allows you to work on your business, not in it. By that I mean, when you are focused on crafting good email follow ups and broadcasts, that is working on your business, compared to when you are networking with others, then that is working in your business

A good business model, as defined by this System  lets you work independently of it, so you are not tied to it, making repeated posts in facebook group, in the hope of getting a lead or two

Big Announcements

Your Autoresponder, also lets you big announcements on mass to your list, as opposed to indiividual Instant Messages to fellow contacts.

For EG say you had a contact list of several thousand on Linkedin, imagine how time consuming that would be to individually contact all of them with your big news, when at the touch of a button, you can send a message to your entire list, letting them know more details

Seperate Lists

An  autoresponder. lets you seperate your offers, for each target market you deal with.

So if you had a weight loss list and a property list, you can keep both seperate with your autoresponder, so that you can send a specific message to the weight loss group, that more than likely
would be of no interest to the Property group


Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing online and its another area where your autoresponder can help you to define your marketing, by showing you the optin rates, click throughs and other such data, that your list is clicking on.

These type of statistics are crucial in getting your emails opened, where as if you are just 'blindly' marketing to the masses with no clear idea about what you are doing then the chances are you are going to struggle slightly.

Now the one I use can be found on the resources page under the section called building your list

It has all the tools and statistics you need and want online, plus an excellent, excellent fanpage marketing system, which will show you how to get plenty of targeted leads off of facebook.

So in conclusion, that is why you need an autoresponder.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Creating an Effective Social Media Posting Schedule

The frequency of your social media posts can directly impact the number of followers that you get and keep.
If you post too infrequently or frequently, you’ll lose followers. You’ll also have trouble getting people to take notice of your social media accounts. For this reason, you need to come up with a schedule.
A social media posting schedule takes into consideration the following factors:
  • The best time of the day to post
  • The best day of the week
  • The topics you should post about
  • The percentage of promotional content
Determine the Best Time of the Day and Best Day of the Week
The best time of the day to post will vary, depending on the social media platform that you use. Also, your target audience may have different internet preferences.
Don’t forget to take the time difference into consideration. 80% of the US population are in the Eastern or Central time zones. If you’re in California and want to target the largest audience, you’ll want to plan your posts based on EST time.
Engagement tends to peak at the following times during the weekdays:
  • 9 AM EST – overall engagement
  • 1 PM EST – most shares
  • 3 PM EST – most clicks
Next, consider the best day of the week to post. Monday through Wednesday, people are less active on social media. The majority of the population is too busy getting into the work week.
By Thursday, people are looking forward to the weekend and are more likely to spend time browsing on social media.
User engagement peaks on the weekends. This goes against previous studies that showed higher engagement during the weekdays. But, trends change over time.
The bottom line is that you should post between Thursday and Sunday to increase engagement. You should also plan at least one post for 9 AM, and subsequent posts around 1 and 3 PM.
Find Topics That Your Target Audience Will Enjoy
Along with considering the time of the day and the days of the week to post, you need to consider the topics of your posts. Find topics that your target audience will enjoy.
The first place to start is with the platform that you’re using. Facebook makes it easy to share just about anything, but Instagram and Pinterest are more image-centric. This means that content with a compelling image included in the post will be more effective on these platforms.
The topics should also be related to your niche and provide real value to your readers. This could include:
  • News
  • Tips and tutorials
  • Advice and suggestions
Essentially, it needs to contain beneficial information.
You can explore the most popular topics by performing searches through each social media platform. Each of these networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, includes a search box.
Type a keyword into the search box and look at the top results. View the profiles of the original posters of the top posts. Look for posters that tend to share content related to your niche and see what topics receive the most likes, shares, and retweets.
Balance Your Promotional Content
Along with your schedule and topics, you need to balance the use of promotional content. It’s a perfectly acceptable business practice to use self-promotional posts on social media. But, if you use too many promotional posts, you’ll lose followers.
20% appears to be the median where engagement increases or decreases based on the frequency of promotional posts. This means you should plan one promotional post out of every five posts.
If you post once per day, this is one promotional post per week. If you post several times per day, you’ll share a promotional post every other day.
Start using a social media posting schedule to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. Along with these suggestions, you can get more internet marketing tips and a system for generating more internet prospects by clicking here to learn about my done-for-you system.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Cha Ching a New Fanpage Subscriber just opted in!

One of the things you absolutely have to do as an online direct response marketing consultant, is to build your list.

Its essential you have your own list, because it is the only asset you ever own online.

To build a list is very easy. You need to have high converting capture pages, which lead to conversions

One of the great benefits about using the Pure Leverage Marketing suite of tools is that it has several built in lead capture pages.

Pure Leverage also centres its marketing around facebook, for many different reasons, the most obvious one being that, your prospects are mainly to be found there

So as a subscriber to the Pure Leverage Fanpage System, you will frequently  get emails, using the resources found on the resources page of this blog, which say

"Cha Ching Congratulations you just got a new fanpage subscriber opted in"

The fanpage system, provides you with 3 high converting affiliate URLs which you can see below

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Now advertising page 1 using the Clixsense Ad platform on the resources page, you will get over 20,000 visitors to that link

Advertise page 2, you'll get a further 20,000 visitors to that link

Page 3 and you'll get a further 20,000 visitors to that page

Doing the sums, that means from just one ad source, you are going to get 60,000 visitors over a month to your fanpage system

Those visitors will be spread over a month, 30 days and  will come from the set and forget advertising, which is explained using the videos on the resource page

Add into the equation, banner advertising, which is also set and forget advertising, then you are looking at even more visitors to your link and subsequently onto your list

The fanpage system provides you with several high converting banner ads to use, an example of which you can see below

That banner has received over 161,000 visits with over 700 being unique

This is one of the main reasons that the fanpage system continues to be one of the best funnels, used by many top marketers.

So if your looking to build your marketing list, then this is one of the best converting funnels to use

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Escaping the 9~5

This post contains a video, that If you are currently in a JOB, but want to escape the 9 to 5, be your own boss, and make up to $10,000 per month (or more) in as little as 30 minutes per day…

Then you need to 

You’ll learn how to have the home business of your dreams with: 

Personal Freedom 

Time Freedom

Life-Changing Income

… and without creating products, dealing with customers, building websites, or managing staff. 

Or  if your  a business owner, feeling a little frustrated right now, not sure if your business is going in the right direction and looking for some great inspirational ideas, then this video is definately for you

On a personal level, having watched it myself, I applied a tiny percentage of the strategies involved and boy did my own business move up a notch

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

ACX ~ How to buy your ACX Xtra packs

This post explains how to buy Xtra packs in ACX, otherwise know as AdClickXpress

AdClickXpress established in June 2013, has been around for very nearly 4 years, as at the time and date of this video

ACX is absolutely ideal if you are a business owner marketing online, because it has 4 systems, two of which provide your websites with good quality Prime Advertising space, for a reasonable cost as well as providing you with quality optins and conversions for the offers you are promoting, or if you are promoting your own brand... Then it will do the same thing

If you are a MOBE consultant, following the 21 Step Business system, which can be found on the resources page, then this is an absolutely perfect fit for that.

One of the great things about using ACX Xtra Packs is this.You can start earning money, straight away from day 1 and within the space of less than 30 days, could be earning significant commissions

To create your own free ACX account simply go to the resources page of this blog, click on the banner under traffic systems and you can get started for free