On this page you will find and discover lots of tips, ideas and tricks that will enhance your user experience of google and make it far more enjoyable.

The most obvious enhancement you should use is the Chrome Browser

You can download chrome Here

Its a very secure browser which is compatible on smart phones, tablets and obviously desktop


Gmail, is the preferred choice of most people and certainly for online business owners

There are many different reasons for it. one of those being that its spam filters are less restrictive than other free providers such as Outlook and Yahoo

It offers you a very flexible way to operate your account

When you first get your gmail account, it will look a little like the image below

As you will see you have 3 tabs, Primary, Social & Promotions

Like most, you might find this confusing and want to change that to look like the image below 

To Get that look is really easy. You go to your inbox and then follow the instructions as shown in the image below 

Once in settings, then you select the Inbox label as shown below

Once this is done, click save and your inbox will look uncluttered and normal

Gmail and DMARC

If you are using Gmail, as an address for one of your many online marketing ventures, then you might well be affected by this,

If you are using a free gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc,  email account as the from address in your autoresponders,  your send/open rate could fall through the floor sometime in May if you don't change that due to dmarc rules coming into play, that gmail is finally going to follow through on.

Gmail will be moving to DMARC at any time. What this means is that if you are using a gmail,  yahoo, hotmail, etc, account as your from email, most ESP's like Yahoo, ymail, gmail will reject your email, it will not even go to the spam/trash box..


Yahoo and AOL were the first to do this over a year ago so if you were using a from mail with either one of these ESP's, your mail has been bouncing depending on how your mail provider handles your email header.

The purpose of DMARC is to prevent malicious spammers from using their domains. The best solution for any person is to use their own personal domain as the from email address.

So, we sent emails over a year ago regarding this to Your Eight Step members, and the importance as a marketer, to get a email address set up on a domain that you own.

You do not have to have a website or anything else set up on it, you can just set up the domain itself for about $15 a year, and set up an email address at first

Some autoresponders, you may still be able to use the free email accounts with, as your from address, but it will no longer show, as from your actual email address, it will use a generic, like  or

And your send reputation then will be based off the company as a whole. Which may affect your open rates and delivery.

This affects previous subscribers who filtered messages with your actual email in them, and send them to folders to read them. They will no longer go into folders, because the from address will have changed. Why its important to get your own domain, and set up an email address on it.

Personal Domain

Using your own personal domain as the from email, has many benefits. The biggest benefit is if you move to a new autoresponder provider your sender reputation remains intact which is based on your domain in part.

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