Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How MOBE will benefit you

This post, will explain how MOBE will benefit you, a fellow business owner.

MOBE, in case you haven't read any earlier posts, stands for My Own Business Education, and applies to any one who falls into the following categories

Traditional bricks and mortar business, EG Pet shop owner, Fish and Chip owner, Pub landlord

Online affiliate marketer, who has chosen to market a product or service they have an affinity too or believe in

The above give you typical examples of what you can apply MOBE to.

So how will this system help you?

It will explain how you can apply the strategies it teaches to your own business, while at the same time, asking questions of your business, questions you have probably never been asked before and in some cases never even thouvht about

As an example, these are  the type of question commonly asked of business owners

"Why did/made you start your business"

"What do you want it to do for you"

You might be able to relate to those two questions, even reading them, you might be thinking, well, I started my business to be able to make some cash

What do I  want to do for me?... Ive not even thought about that.

Before we go on further, consider this for a minute, evryone the world over, is working towards their big holiday... except the big holiday in this case is not the 2 or 3 week annual leave you normally get when you have a break from your business

The Big Holiday in this case is...Retirement. That time when you stop working in your business and enjoy the fruits of your labour by doing what you like most, usually a hobby or travelling

However there is one massive problem with this, which is unless you have a buyer for your business, then you have to continue to work in your business.

The fact is that most business owners, set up their business, yet pay very little attention to any other detail connected with it, such as advertising, profit making and finally selling it

This is where MOBE and the strategies it teaches benefit you.


Put simply, it will show you, how you can, gradually step back from it, scale it up for growth and profits, leading to you building a profitable asset which you can then sell...almost effortlessly.

At the same time that you're doing this, MOBE teaches you how to do what the majority of business owners don't do, which is to work ON your business not IN it

The end result of this is... The big holiday you are working towards, starts to become a reality, far quicker than it is now

How does that thought appeal to you.

This is a real life example of how it can benefit you and your business, the name has been changed, the situation however is true

John started his hokistic therapy business around 8 years ago, its a subject he both loves and is very passionate about and has a fairly large client base he is also a big fan of steam railways and when not working, can be found, with his wife at a fair somewhere. John is 54 (not a crime!)

But as the years have gone by, he has grown increasingly aware, that although self employed, all he has created is...his own JOB and as such was more aware that through events that happened to others in his industry, he had to provide additional income security, but income security that would work independently of him

In short, he needed a 'real business'

So he decided to look very closely at what MOBE had to offer, through its marketing systems and masterclasses which are designed to highlight  and provide solutions for the problems mentioned earliernin this post.

As a result of this, John, has implemented the marketing system and invested in both the Silver and Gold Masterclasses (The links to these can be found on the top tap, with the marketing system link found on the right side bar)

Already just by taking these small steps, it has let John take a step back from his business, by giving him two things that at this time he was quite keen to have

They were...

Additional income, which comes in independently of what he does work wise

Time Freedom, so he can spend more time with his wife and pursuing his hobby.

Prior to MOBE he was working hard with no end result in sight.

Johns story is typical of many independent business owners, myself included until joining MOBE

The MOBE marketing system pays significant commissions PER SALE which in a lot of cases are more than the average monthly pay packet and for working a lot less hours, with far less stress.

That is how MOBE will benefit you.

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