Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Blogger v Wordpress

This post is about why I prefer blogger to Wordpress,org as a blogging marketing resource

If you are a wordpress user, then this post will be of great interest to you, because before using blogger, I was a real devotee and massive fan of wordpress.I still have two of them, which you can see by clicking on the links below

By the way, intention of this post is not to get you to convert from wordpress to blogger, its just highlighting why I prefer blogger to wordpress.

The absolute one thing you need to do online, is to build your own list, that list becomes your asset and over time a very valuable asset at that.

The so called Internet Marketing gurus advocate that you use Wordpress, so you can build your list, through the use of informative high quality content

Producing high quality content is a must, having a blog to put it on, is also a must The reason it is a must, is this

Blogs, leverage the entire internet, as long as they are properly indexed so that the search engines pick them up, your blog will get see across the other side of world in minutes quite literally

That said, Why blogger over wordpress?

The reasons are quite simple really, security and hosting are two of the main reasons.

Wordpress blogs account for 27% of the worlds websites. Its an impressive figure, but wordpress sites are also among the easiest to hack into.

Speaking from experience, one of the wordpress sites mentioned above has twice been hacked and taken down. The first time, it was irretrievably lost . The second time, I managed to save it,  as it was backed up

The reason for having wordpress for my hosted blog, was to build my list, through the content being produced on it.


So when the blog got hacked for a second time, I looked at  Google blogger as an interim measure.

Two of the things that attracted me most about blogger, were

Free hosting

Security protected by Google

There is something comforting knowing that to actually log into your blogger account or your google account, you have to access it through using your google password

What has been most encouraging about blogger is this... So far, Wordpress hasn't been missed at all

Everything that can be done with Wordpress, is able to be done with blogger, perhaps dare it be said, slightly more easily than it could be with wordpress.

Through the use of Google gadgets, instead of wordpress widgets, you can customise your blogger to exactly how you would like it, so that it still looks professional enough, without losing the effectiveness

Domain Names

With blogger, you initially get a longish blog name, however this can adapted by the use of a domain name, brought through a domain name provider such as name cheap, then adding it to your hosting account, which you can then re~direct to your blogger address

As an example of this the domain will re~direct to this blogger


Another plus factor, which you can see more about on the blogger tutorials page which can be accessed 

Is the fact that to link to your analytics account, is just a matter of clicking a box and your code is added, compared to the process of adding a plugin to your wordpress site, then connecting the two account together.


Once you have written your blog post, which can be done straight to page, or, if you prefer, drafted on Google Docs, then transferred to your pre~saved post, as soon as you click publish, your new post gets shared directly onto Google+

From there, you then have the ability, much like you do with Wordpress, (as long as you have jetpack connected) to share your blogpost to 

Facebook, Twitter and Google + itself

So overall, the use of Blogger compared to Wordpress as a blog marketing resources is one to be highly recommended

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