Thursday, 27 April 2017

Proof that leads come from your blog

This post shows proof that by adding a newsletter to your blog attracts subscribers to your newsletter

The tip is to offer something free in return for the subscribers name address

The video below, explains more

21 Step System

It should be stressed at this point that, this is another excellent marketing tip, learned from the 21 Step Marketing system, which can be found on the resource page of this blog

The 21 Step system, is essential to your online marketing endeavours, because it explains step by step, how and why you need to follow the steps

By not following the 21 step course, it is fairly safe to assume, that the income levels, you wish to reach, would not be possible otherwise

Adding a newsletter subscription form to your blog is really easy. Just head over to the 

Blogger Tutorials page which you can find by Clicking Here and watching video 8  there

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