Thursday, 18 May 2017

Why you need a facebook Fanpage

This post focuses on why you need a facebook fanpage, and will make absolute sense to you, if you are following the MOBE 21 step system, which is on the Resources page

Success with the 21 step system, means that you absolutely need to target your niche market

There are several places on the resources page of this blog, that you can target your niche market, but perhaps the most crucial player in the market place, without doubt is ... Yes,facebook

However it is not the social network side of facebook, you need here, it is the business side of facebook and you can only use the business side of facebook, through the use of a fanpage.Creating a fanpage is very easy, once you are logged into your account, on the home page, as seen in the image below

You select create a page

That takes you to the following page, where you can then create your own fanpage

The process waks you through setting up your fanpage and equally branding you and building your brand.

So that is why you need a Facebook fanpage.

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