Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Why you need an Autoresponder

This post focuses on exactly why you need an autoresponder : )

In case you don't know what an autoresponder is and, there are many online marketers who don't, let me explain what it is, how it works and why you need one

An autoresponder is exactly that, softaware, which responds automatically to your subscribers when they optin to your offer

Time Saving

Your autoresponder, should be your best friend online, because it can do many things for you

Primarily, it will do more presentations of your business opportunity in a day automatically and worldwide than you will ever manage.

It handles the rejections for you

Its does the selling and converting for you, or at least it does, when the messages going to your prospects are sooo good, that your prospect is wanting what you offer, before they have finished reading your offer

It allows you to work on your business, not in it. By that I mean, when you are focused on crafting good email follow ups and broadcasts, that is working on your business, compared to when you are networking with others, then that is working in your business

A good business model, as defined by this System  lets you work independently of it, so you are not tied to it, making repeated posts in facebook group, in the hope of getting a lead or two

Big Announcements

Your Autoresponder, also lets you big announcements on mass to your list, as opposed to indiividual Instant Messages to fellow contacts.

For EG say you had a contact list of several thousand on Linkedin, imagine how time consuming that would be to individually contact all of them with your big news, when at the touch of a button, you can send a message to your entire list, letting them know more details

Seperate Lists

An  autoresponder. lets you seperate your offers, for each target market you deal with.

So if you had a weight loss list and a property list, you can keep both seperate with your autoresponder, so that you can send a specific message to the weight loss group, that more than likely
would be of no interest to the Property group


Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing online and its another area where your autoresponder can help you to define your marketing, by showing you the optin rates, click throughs and other such data, that your list is clicking on.

These type of statistics are crucial in getting your emails opened, where as if you are just 'blindly' marketing to the masses with no clear idea about what you are doing then the chances are you are going to struggle slightly.

Now the one I use can be found on the resources page under the section called building your list

It has all the tools and statistics you need and want online, plus an excellent, excellent fanpage marketing system, which will show you how to get plenty of targeted leads off of facebook.

So in conclusion, that is why you need an autoresponder.

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