Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Welcome to my first Google Blogger Post


Welcome to my first Google Blogger post. While it is my first GB post, it is far from my first ever blog post,as I have another blogs located at

Dave-Hayes.com , equally I also have an About Me section, which you can find situated to the right of this post &... explains a little more 'about me'!!so I hope you find that enjoyable.

As you'll see from the above blog, I am associated with Affiliate Marketing, specifically High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Now you might well ask, especially if you're an affiliate marketer... Whats the difference, there is only affilliate marketing

Well to a degree thats true, but there are different niches and sectors

First There is traditional / low ticket affiliate marketing, which provides the end user with low cost front end marketing solutions that are commissionable at between 10 and 50%. That is where your earning power ends, because...

If ,having brough the front end commissionable product, your prospect goes onto buy further, higher priced products from the same company ~ You as the affiliate on a front end commissionable agreement, lose out, because you don't get paid

With High Ticket affiliate marketing, if your prospect buys a low cost product for say $3 or $49, then goes onto buy, further high ticket products, then because you are on a High Ticket agreement, your receive commisisons on those products ~ This is known as your back end

Though you won't get many affiliates or companies letting on about this (God knows why!) this is how all the so called 'online heavy hitters earn their cash, wether its through their own list or already established network connections

The other subject you'll find infomration about on this blog is...


Traffic is the lifeblood of every business owner and online it is the equivalent of driving more and more customers through your 'offline' store

Without traffic... Your online business is, quite simply dead in the water

So, you will find a variety of posts, reviewing / talking about proven & tested methods, which will provide you with optin/s for your offers

So thats it for now, I look forward to networking with and building mutually beneficial working relationships with you moving forward.


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