Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to add Gmail Notications to your Gmail account

Now as a fellow online marketer and user of gmail, this post might well save you some time.

If like most people, you usually work with 'multiple tabs' open, you'll find that this causes not only confusion, but also distraction as well,

For example, using the multi tab function, you might have, Facebook open, your email account open, twitter plus any other sites that you like and as soon as notifcations go off, you find yourself going straight to the tab where the notification is to read whats been put "Just in case its relevant!

Well as far as Google is concerned, you need never miss an important email again, you can close down the tab with your email in it and work unclustered and without distraction ( if you are writer like me, then you need to keep a clear head, when your in the 'zone')

All you need to do is go to the three black lines which you can find at the very end of your address bar on the right hand side

Click on it, then go down to more tools, select that option and from the drop down list that appears select extensions

from the page that appears, scroll down to the bottom, where it says, get more extensions another page will then open up which is part of the chrome store

In the search bar there, type in Google Mail Checker which will bring the extension up, along with a button which asks if you wish to install it, click install and a few seconds later, you will have the Gmail mail checker on your toolbar on the right hand side.

From a personal perspective, you'll find it invaluable and very decluttering on your tabs

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