Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why I use blogger by Google

This post focuses on the 7 reasons I use google's blogger blog platform.

Now I am also a big fan of and use the wordpress platform daily, so this post is being written to compare the two and ideally show you, my fellow reader and blogger, why you might like to consider the blogger platform as a viable alternative

So lets delve down into the nitty gritty : )

Before that, let me explain briefly, the history behind this post

As mentioned I'm a huge fan of and use Wordpress daily.

One day, writing a post for my wordpress blog and doing some keyword research

I noticed that virtually all the results being returned, had amongst them, my blogger blogs

So that set me thinking and looking more closely at the blogger platform for content

After all, the reason bloggers blog and post is to get found by the search engines

So below are my reasons for using the blogger platform

Firstly, Hosting ~ Because its owned by google, its hosted by google and so... Free!

Secondly ~ Security, the chances of your blog being hacked are very low, because you only have to remember your google password

Third It will rank video and written content from the platforms it owns, before it ranks other content

That includes authority wordpress sites, other authority sites and normal wordpress blogs

Fourthly, its easy to use

Number 5 Blogger has a huge blogging network, which means you can easily and at the touch of a button view other blogs and cooment on the ones that interest you

Doing this gives you the added bonus of further free leverage right across the internet

Monetization ~ You can connect your blogger blog to your google adsense account, so you can display ads on your blog and get paid for click throughs

Hope you enjoyed read ing the content and can relate to part/s of it

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